Friday, 7 March 2014

Blog closing.

This blog will close on the 31st of March 2014.

My time writing under this name is through.

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Being an Indie kids book author.

I was about to disable this blog. I have not posted here since December last year. I was wondering whether it had become surplus to requirements. Just before I hit the delete blog button, it occurred to me it is not. I still can blog about the issues that come up within the life of a writer.

A discussion ensued today about the price of my Kids Book. £5.99 for paperback. "I cannot afford that much." "Why should I pay that much, you're not even a proper author." Comments of that sort. I know for a fact a little girl whose Mum got the book for her, has read it several times over and even brought it into school to show the teacher! So this is waste of £5.99. Even if that is too much, try a couple of quid on an ebook. Most kids have tablets these days and the Kindle App can be downloads for free. Worst of all someone asked me why I should encourage children to write?!! OK, so it does not pay much, well it took me three months to make £10 from four books!

I understand in these tight times buying a book 'just because' is out the range of some purses. Just don't stand there with your takeaway coffee in hand and do so!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

2013 - The Plan

2012 is drawing to a close. I can hardly believe it is now nearly a year since I've released a book. 21st of December 2011 ...

But next year is going to be different.

Jan / Feb - The Plot Bunny will be released (kids book - watch this space to find out more)
April / May - By hook or needle. A contemporary fiction / Chic Lit following Nickie's journey through setting up a yarn shop and the people she meets.
August / September - Wales of a tale: Ghost stories of Wales. pembrokeshire tales. First in a series
December / January - Through his Eyes. (Hoodoo man series) Paranormal mystery.

Also in the boiler are:

The rainbow dragons (another kids book)
Ceredigion Tales (Wales of a tale series) plus other counties of Wales.
The rest of the Hoodoo man series
Possibly a follow on from By Hook or Needle.
The Fog Ship

Ideas still flying around my head and yet to have shape are numerous! Looking forward to where my writing is taking me.

Monday, 11 June 2012

New book coming soon!

This book is something slightly different. Whilst it is written in chapters, each chapter could be a stand alone story. The characters follow through each tale and we meet a few new ones along the way.

I hate writing blurbs. But in short this is a story set around a yarn shop called By Hook or Needle. About the way the lives of the characters interact with the place.

I am hoping this will be out in August, with a decent description!

Monday, 28 May 2012

The person I am

I don't know what frustrates me more – people jumping to conclusions or people being fuelled by someone else’s opinions. Either way, the winds have blown a fair amount this way over the last few weeks. I thought I would therefore take this opportunity to address a few facts.

1)   I never intentionally irritate or wind someone up. I am entitled to my opinions and whilst they might not be your own, I will respect yours. But if I see you making an obvious fool of yourself I will tell you.

2)    If I make a mistake I will admit to it. Learn from it. Move on.

3)    I believe you get back what you give out. As a general rule I try to get on with most people, and support them without obligation, but that does not mean I am soft. It just means if I act, it's done with a clear conscience.

So many people complain about the negatives in their life. I'm not talking about the human urge to get things off your chest. I’m talking about getting rid of the negativity. If people only focus on this, rather than the other good things in their life, all you will get back is negativity. I learnt this the hard way, so I’m just mentioning it now for others to think about this.

I have made my peace with those who were involved. All I ask is this: please think before you offer an onslaught to the type of person I am. 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Are you tempted?

I always think the hardest part of writing a blogpost is setting the title, so that it sounds interesting.
I recently had a lovely review on The Fool's Journey on the UK Amazon store. The review mentioned that my original blurb was not representative of what the book was about. We authors know how hard it can be to convey in a few paragraphs what is in our head. I contacted the person who did my review, to see how I could improve upon it. She went away and thought about it, then came back with one!
Moira thinks she has everything she wants… The job, the house, the clothes but why is she still so unhappy? Her world falls apart when she witnesses a terrible crime. Running away she comes across a psychic fair and a spur-of-the-moment decision to have a tarot card reading changes everything. The reading helps her see what she should do. When she quits her job, sells her home and moves to Wales, friends and family start to believe she is losing her sanity. Can learning to read Tarot cards, help Moira learn more about herself and guide her to a happier future? Will the cards also be able to help her with her unwanted poltergeist guest or more disturbingly the handsome neighbour?

Are you now tempted? Because if it was not my book I would be. Thanks Michelle 

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Tales from the Beyond - Adventure into KDPS

Yesterday saw the end of my three month trial of Tales from the Beyond, in KDPS. The Kindle select programme.

These are my month for month sales / give away for this book, for this time.

December (prior to KDPS)
US - 4 sales
UK - 0

January (enter 13th)
US - 18 sold  (416 free)
UK - 6 Sold   (72 free)

US - 8 sold
UK - 1 sold

US - 2 sold
UK - 2 sold

April to date (first 90 days ended13th)

US - Sold 4 (192 free)
UK - Sold 1 (211 free)

Tales from the Beyond is less than 10k words, packed full ghost stories, some like nothing you've read before.

The last giveaway was with virtually no associate promotion.

My feelings:

I need to write more books :) Other than that I am quite pleased with results. I don't promote nearly as much as I should. This book hardly at all. That means 891 people now have this book on my kindle, this makes my head spin.  I've had 42 people buy my book over this period.  Compared to the last quarter of 12!

I think KDPS works for me.